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ERA Recruitment Drive

Greeting and hello, Steamwheedle Cartel!  Zorqua the Imp here, star of stage, screen, and radio.  Master of fire, ladies' imp, presidential candidate, and humble servant of Meerlinda Cogspinner.  But you already know all of that, right?



Oh, well.  Today, I am here on behalf of the Elite Response Agency.  Recently, the ERA has suffered a few unfortunate setbacks, and is looking to bolster it's membership with fresh, friendly faces (ooh, alliteration!).  We're a light-to-medium RP guild in the Alliance, and we're looking to return to our RP roots (we recently just held a successful RP event in Azshara) .  Sure, sure, we dabble a bit in raiding and PvP on the side, but our main focus is getting together and having fun.  We pride ourselves on having a relaxed atmosphere.

You'll have to pardon the dust around the guild hall.  We're currently going through a bit of a rebuilding period.

...hmm... what else might be good to know?  Well, we have a tabard, a Vent server, a forum, and a fairly well stocked bank.  We're also part of an alliance of guilds that raids/tries to raid fairly regularly.  Many of us also are known for taking part in RP channels.

Sound like something you might be interested in? Great!  Here's some info you'll need to know before joining.  Dalrick's our head honcho, and there is a little matter of an application process, but I'm sure that it's all just a formality.  I think.  Or not.

Well, anyway, I thank you for your time and look forward to seeing you soon!

-Zorqua the Imp


Jul. 22nd, 2008 07:26 pm (UTC)
so does Max :)


Michigan J. Murloc
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