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Dance of the Dead - Oct 19th


Dance of the Dead

Dance of the Dead 2008
"Once a year, a great gala was hosted by the Lord and Lady of Caer Darrow to celebrate the harvest season. Since the fall of the once great castle and city, the Forsaken and others have gathered annually to continue this tradition from years past. As the land, and the very people have been twisted, so too has this once joyous celebration. "

Date: Oct 11th, 2008
Time: Contact Banshih or Charam for details (whispers or send a letter)
Hunt Start:Contact Banshih or Charam for details (whispers or send a letter)
Contests & Events: Begin after the RP/PVP Hunt has finished - details below
Where: Caer Darrow - Western PlagueLands
Flyer Artist: Chas http://zombierevolution.deviantart.com/


‘The Hunt’ RP PVP Event:
"As with many grand galas, the Lord and Lady opened theirs with a ceremonial grand hunt. A deer was hunted, and slain, an offering to the old ways in hopes for good fortune for the upcoming winter. The animals are now sickly, and the Forsaken residents have no taste for the flesh of animals...."

The key rp event for this will be a 'wild' hunt, a pvp event in the plaguelands. A selection of volunteer Alliance RPers will be captured beforehand and held. As the evening starts, they unlucky souls will be stripped of their finest gear, given only the most basic of supplies, and sent to run the wilds....to hunt. How fortunate for those Alliance that they have peers who have been looking for them.

This event is intended as a sort of pvp race. The hunted will be without a mount, and with white to grey quality gear. The hunted do need to be lvls 65+ to survive the plagueland setting. How many captives, and Alliance rescuers we will use will be scaled to how many higher lvl Horde are in attendance. The ideal lvl for this event is 65+ , for the sake of survivality in the plaguelands against the various mobs. There are a few basic concerns for this event, which will be discussed with those who are involved with it.

The hunt ends once all captives have made their escape, or been slain. This will not be a case of perma death, as the bodies would be returned to the Darrow for display, and once the event is over.....the Alliance could easily step in to Resurrect the unlucky person once the event is over.

Alliance coordinator for the pvp event: Charam, Second pending

Horde coordinator for the pvp event: Banshih, Second pending

Alliance prisoners for 'The Hunt': (Pending, still sorting out players - contact Charam if interested)

OFFICIAL Alliance guilds participating/sponsor: Alkahest (more pending, final details to come soon)

OFFICIAL Horde guilds participarting/sponsor: Ordo, Paradigm, Shattered Oath, Steadfast

**Pardon the incomplete info ATM - we are finalising details**

[b]For Alliance players:[/b] There are two Alliance coordinators for this year. Please refer to those coordinators to sign up for this event. To be a ‘prisoner/victim’ you must be a level 70 player. To be a part of the rescue parties you need to be level 65+. The island of the Caer Darrow is where the actual nonpvp rp is taking place, Alliance players are to remain off the island out of respect for peaceful rp taking place there that is not connected to the pvp event.

[b]Travel to:[/b] We have a warlock volunteer for summoning, and also a meeting stone (granted, it has limited lvl ranges) on location. The area can be walked to, or ran up to by anyone lvl 20+ if you simply run north along the river outside of TMills. Along the river there are no mobs that will aggro upon low levels, making for a safe trip.

 Contests & Events After the RP/PVP hunt

**Costume Contest**
Steadfast is hosting a costume contest at this years Dance of the dead. They offer prizes for the following catagories - scariest, funnies, most unique, and the worst costume.
 Contact: Angellis
 Levels: All levels
 Time: After RP/PVP Hunt - will be announced at event

**Corrupt a Wish**
Paradigm is hosting a 'Corrupt a Wish' event - where characters may make a wish..only to have their wish corrupted and twisted into an unsavory nightmare. Among all these wishes, 1 player will be selected to have their wish made true.
 Contact: Pending
 Levels: All levels
 Time: After RP/PVP Hunt - will be announced at event

**Duel Contest**
Shattered Oath is hosting a test of skills, and might - a dueling contest. Expect bloodshed, and glory as members of the Horde clash to earn a selection of prizes.
*First place: 800g and 22 slot bag *Second Place: 600g *Third place: 400g
 Contact: Crolan
 Levels: 70 only
 Time: After RP/PVP Hunt - will be announced at event

**Voodoo Fortune Telling**
Ordo is putting its more mystical side forward and has offered up its Troll Priestess to offer an evening of Hexxes and Readings.
 Contact: Rayil / Mooth
 Levels: All levels
 Time: After RP/PVP Hunt - will be announced at event

**Midnight Toast and Closing**
 Come midnight, there will be a formal closing and toast for those who still remain. A world pvp romp might follow.
 Contact: Banshih
 Levels: All levels
 Time: Midnight


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Sep. 9th, 2008 05:38 pm (UTC)
Sounds amazing! I'll be sharing this will both my Horde and Alliance guilds. :)
Sep. 9th, 2008 08:36 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a blast!
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