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Crafting Event

((repos ted from forums - this is NOT my event))


This Saturday (April 19th) at 8 PM, a number of the RP guilds and organizations which populate our server will be holding a Craft Faire in Stormwind Park. The idea is for each guild to bring or do something which represents them as an organization for others to peruse or enjoy.

The event is being hosted by Benard Loyalmen of <Farsteel Supply> and Leahtha Branson of <Chevaliers>, not me, but I have yet to see a forum thread about it, so I thought I should take some initiative. Guilds which have pledged participation include <House of Cards>, <The Crimson Horizon>, <Blades of Dawn>, <E R A>, and <Slanaigh Dar Dorchasir>. (Persi, if you're reading this, a School Open House for <Stormwind College> would probably be a great idea.)

There will be a planning meeting or two prior to the day of the actual event, so please contact Benard or Leahtha as soon as possible if you have interest. Leah's second, Haeven, could probably also handle things.

If you are in a non-RP guild or a guild which simply has other things to do that night and cannot participate, it would still be good if you could stop by and say 'hi'. At my request, <House of Cards> has agreed to put on a skit or play for the Faire, which I believe will be their first public, on-screen appearance as such. Has potential.

I'd have put up this thread in character, but 'onestly ye'd kill ye'self if ye 'ad t'read th'entire post like 'is because Aodhwyn talks wi' a brogue what's 'ard t'pin down an' e'en harder t'spell an' it jes' ain't th'same pretendin' t'be 'im an' spellin' proper an' whatall 'ave ye.
 This is soooo cool! Yu make a little mini city, and by stiing it you help it grow! You start with 1 person, and could end up with a massive metrocity!

 HELP MAKE STEAMWEEDLE GROW...click on http://steamweedle.myminicity.com/ 

 Check back on it daily and watch it grow!

Heya all

Just stumbled upon the community through some fairly random acts.

I've been on SWC forover a year now. Level 70 Tauren Hunter, named Aruu. (Oh, and don't mind the current weapons - I'm just trying to level my unarmed and daggers :D ).

Anyways, just wanted to stop in a say a quick hi :)

The Spring Fishing Fling!

The Spring Fishing Fling!
Along the Forbidding Sea, lies a sleepy little Dwarven farm…host to a tender peaceful Dwarven couple. Who once a year, are assaulted, knocked witless, and made to play host to…The Spring Fish Fling! Fishers of the Horde, professional and amateur alike are encouraged to come out and share their passion for fishing! The Spring Fish Fling is an entire evening event of fishing, violence, feasting, and of course more fishing!

This is a great chance to show off Hordies to socialize their crawdad pets, flaunt their fishing attire, and have a bite to eat all in the presence of good company! As Nat puts it, “Fishing is a great excuse to drink.”

--------- MINI EVENTS -----------
*Fishing Pole Dueling – No weapons, no spell casting, just you and your fishing pole to the end! Nat Pagle's Fish Terminator will be honored in these duels – so bring it if you have it! Who says fishing is for sissies?

* Fish Fry – Chefs of the Horde are encouraged to come forward, and share with the masses their finest fishy culinary concoctions! All through out the evening, hearths and fireplaces will be ablaze – playing host to casual attendees and chefs alike!

* The Crowning of the King and Queen – One male, and one female attendee will be selected as the best dressed for the evening and will be crowned! The judging is based on their fashion sense towards their fishing attire – nonfishing based attire does not qualify. Features such as gear from the Booty Bay fishing contest, and fishing enchantment do factor into the considerations as to who will be crowned.

* Freebies - There will be countless free giveaways at this event..such as the +100 to fishing lures, +5 to fishing poles, +stat fish food, and +fishing enchants!

----- DETAILS ---------
Date: Sunday, April 20th 2008 (The same day as the Booty Bay Fishing Contest)
Time: 8pm server time / eastern standard time.
Faction: Horde (Steamweedle US server)
Ammount of Fishing Skill required: You can have very low fishing skill to fish in the area that this even is at. We believe a player with a 0 fishing rating, with the use of the free +100 lures can the free glove enchant can even fish in this area! So, bring a spare set of gloves, and come work on your fishing!

Location: Contact Banshih, Traumateam, or Mooth for further details! Whispers, say, and ingame mail are all valid means of contacting them! There will be a limited amount of Warlock summons for this event – obvious lvl 1 alts will not be accepted without prior clearance and confirmation of the main identity of the player.

OOC: This is a Horde based rp event, but there’s no reason why the occasional PEACEFUL Alliance just might stumble into this, and cast their line into the waters as well! This is NOT a pvp event, please do not attend flagged. This event is intended as a fun way to level your fishing skill, socialize, and meet new players! This is an rp event, so IC interactions are required.

SUGGESTED MOD: Are you new to fishing and want to level it with ease? If so, check out the mod called fishing buddy – it has many novel features such as auto lures, click to cast, and fish tracking based on region! This mod is a must for any fisher!

VOLUNTEERING: Want to help and get involved? Contact Banshih to see what you can do - Currently we need two DEPENDABLE warlocks who are willing to perform summons! Also, we need a host for the duel tourney! 

Mar. 22nd, 2008

The alliance needs to get supplies and payroll through to the outlands. Given the bulk needing to be sent, they will use the portal to move the supplies. It is vital to the morale and needs of the alliance to get these supplies through. Those who have agreed to protect this shipment will meet in Darkshire and begin the long trek to the Portal taking a route through the Swamp of Sorrows.

(March 29th - 9 PM server time - Gathering at 8:30)
(Low levels welcome to come as secretaries, aide de camps in charge of the supplies themselves)

Horde Side:
Imagine the blow you could give to the alliance not only to their Morale but the lack of supplies. In addition, it will fledge out your own factions' needs. Can you stop this caravan from reaching it's destination?
(Lower levels - brave the bands of alliance.. or remove the mortally wounded and tend to their needs)

This event is also an rp event as rumor of the caravan spreads through the horde.. use it to generate conversation. Alliance.. will the horde find out.. can we get the caravan through??

(((Guild masters.. if you have calendars.. can you please post this event.. let us make this a huge server event. Contact Leahalani with any questions. ))))

Stormwind College recruiting

Stormwind College, a casual, alliance, rp-friendly guild on Steamwheedle Cartel, now has a website, tabard, one-tab guild bank and a TS server. Here's what we're hoping to do:

-Teach new players the basics, and help them discover the playstyle that suits them best.
-Provide a friendly place to find groups willing to run an instance for exploration, RP and/or learning, without hurrying.
-Help walk new players through using add-ons and UI modifications, so they can decide what they like and what they don't care for.
-Teach basic RP, PvE and PvP through giving advice when asked, scheduling classes, and answering questions.
-Provide help and advice with crafting.

What we don't do:

-Run low-level characters through instances to powerlevel them to 70.
-Raid, except for "L2raid" events.
-Get impatient with newbies.

No one is 70 yet, we have the support of some Steamwheedle folks both alliance and horde-side, and I am just starting to recruit. We could really use some students!

Apply here, or just stop and say hi since I am still working out the site functionality:
Or send a message to Perspicacity, Pumpernickel or Bilibibi in-game tonight.

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Bloodsport! (RP Event, Feb. 9th)

Bloodsport! (RP Event, Feb. 9th) 
The burly man sighed, looking out from his small hut in Booty Bay - nothing more than the bare basics, bed, rickety table and such. His gaze peered out across the busy on-goings of the Bay. Ships, coming and going, ships leaving and sinking. Whatever the whichever.

Behind him, several rough figures sat on the same style of rickety chairs. Their forms of goblins, whilst a single ogre stood in the background, picking both it's noses as one head dozed off..

''We need to increase our trade with the Alliance! They hold the precious ore, the metals we need from the mountains!'' One oily slick voice spoke. ''No! We must devote our focus upon the newly formed Horde! They possess the trading routes we need!''

Amat allowed each of the goblins to bicker, while he in his Fel Plate made an imposing form, continuing to gaze at the passerbys. Each of the forms soon quieted, all their beady eyes upon Amat. The Boss stood straight up. 'Revilgaz tol' us t'promote ourselves nah bicker an figh' upon some puny metals 'er some routes. Nah, nah gentlemen... we need t'hold us some games.''

Every face in the room lit up, pearly dagger-like teeth appearing from each of the goblin-aides, near in unison they spoke. ''A bloodsport..''

By the time they had all left, all that was left in the rickety room was the dozing ogre guard, one head still stupidly picking the other's nose.

There was work to do!

Where?: Gurubashi Arena
When?: Febuary the 9th, 6:00 PM servertime.

OOC: Well! This is our first event to be hosted by the Kartel Krew to mark our founding. In simplicity, it's is a PvP bloodsport. Each guild, who will be contacted by me, or ones who contact me on being apart of this event, must select ONE gladiator, sending me a mail on what they wish their pit name to be. Then, each member will compete in a free for all match, in series of fights - the winner, recieves the title of the Blood-Letter - and bragging rights.

Also, after the event if people are still up to it, the group will procede to Booty Bay, and if you choose will be able to take part in roleplay, drinks and the like. Here, the Kartel will also clear any IC business up with remaining guilds. Also, be noted that if there are such things as gambling that it will be done in real gold in-game.

Now, the rules of this event are
-Respect other guilds ( I don't care if your both enemies, it's an event - any violence against other guilds will see you dealt with by our bruisers )
-No flagging of the spectators. (However, if some fool chooses to attack the gladiators mid-combat, EVERYONE is encouraged to jump in and kill those folks.
-If you cause any trouble with the , you will ask be asked to leave.

Please note, that I have also hired certain members of the Horde and Alliance to also take part, as guards. I hope that this event will turn out good!

P.S - Any questions, ask me in-game or send me (Alliance side Amat) a mail!
Wembel Kinj, of Kinj Brothers Art and Artefacts, hereby announces Stormwind's first Tales and Ales event!

Come to the Blue Recluse of Stormwind, at 9:00 PM on Monday the 28th of January and be ready to share a story. The fine oral tradition of storytelling has become rare in these days of uncertainty and turmoil, and far too many stories have been forgotten already. Wembel and Wumble will collect and record these stories for posterity, and will tell their own tales as well. Come to tell your story, or just come to listen!

===== OOC Bit ====== 
SERVER - SteamWeedle (US)

A simple twist on a "Tavern" RP event, everyone participating will get a chance to stand in front of the rest of the audience and tell a story. The stories can be about anything, some can be about your own escapades, others could be poems or stories about legendary figures of WoW history.

There will also be the usual Tavern-like stuff - people drinking and doing freeform RP. Fun will be had by all.

It's generally suggested you prepare the story ahead of time in a text editor so you can copy-paste it into the chat, unless you're a REALLY fast typist. It's also suggested that your tale not take more than a few minutes to tell - we're not looking for Sagas here, but more short tales.

This will be an open and announced event, all are welcome and pass the word. 
 Business has been bad all over Azeroth. With so many adventures and heroes off in the Outlands the old world taverns, vendors, and other businesses have been lacking customers. Frustrated with the condition of their business, tavern and pub owners the world over have united into a sort of union and are now attempting to attract business once more by hosting a weekly ‘tavern crawl’. Once a week, various taverns and pubs all over the land will be showcased to the Horde.

Not to be left out of a bit of business, the goblins of SteamWeedle have also tossed in their own assistance and businesses into this: offering up neutral taverns and pubs for a showcase.

****We ask that players attending please bring characters respectful to lore..in other words leave your half dragon vampire blood elf ranger thats the sister of the Dark Lady at home.****

Date: Every Monday - Next Tavern Crawl is Jan 21 @ The Inn in Ratchet The location for the 28st is not yet decided. The event on the 28th will be in Horde held territory once more. 

Server: SteamWeedle (US)

Time: 8pm servertime – Whenever

Locations: Announced weekly and will change each week – Jan 21h is the neutral Inn at Ratchet. Thos goblin port city offers a beautiful view of the ocean by night, and a open space for players to freely roam. As usual, byoe (be your own entertainment) - this event has no fancy gimicks or tricks to it and is simply a time and location for rpers to gather and rp.

Future locations: There will be weekly server posting with each new location and the date that an rp night will be hosted at it. We will TRY and offer a variety of locations, and showcase taverns of all the Horde races. If you wish to suggest a tavern, please do so and include why you think it should be used for a showcase. These rp events will take place every Monday night.

Faction: Most of these weekly rp sessions will be for the Horde, however this week the rp night will be hosted in a neutral tavern so that Alliance and Horde alike might attend. We would like to politely request that players not flag for pvp, and if the urge to duel strikes you, please do so without flagging. The focus of this event is rp, not pvp.

PVP: Currently we request that this event not deal with any pvp concerns….however that’s not to say that a bunch of Undead, Orcs, trolls, and such wont get pissed off when their buzz is crashed by some Alliance and proceed to pick up arms for a bar fight. In the future, there will in fact be a world wide tavern crawl event, which is a pvp event ‘bar fight’. For those driven to ‘bar fight’ at these events…keep it to unflagged dueling. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND THIS EVENT FLAGGED FOR PVP.

Staff: Players are encouraged to sign up to rp out being temp staff at the various taverns. With the surge of customers, the taverns and bars will hire additional staff to help the one time event. Bar tenders, bouncers, and waiters are all in demand. It’s rumored that in some of the more seedy and underhanded locations will hire dancers, and table heads for gambling…

If you wish to be signed up as staff, please contact Banshih and she will have a staff ‘support kit’ on hand to the rp volunteers. Concerning gambling in the game, Blizz’s ToS must first be consulted to insure the RP IC gambling games do not violate any rules or ToS.

OOC Objective: To encourage rp, and help players network. This is a simple casual rp gathering with no fancy strings attached or gimmicks. If you want to rp, you come rp: it’s that simple. These gatherings can be very large or very small – regardless of the size it’s still a chance to come out and meet other players. This is ideal for new players, and people looking to find other rpers. If you’re an established rper, please do attend and help the new faces feel welcome on our server.

For more info on how to rp and what rp is check out https://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=3773457814&sid=1