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Tribune of the Horde

The treaty remains scattered and forgotten, and war has returned to our lands. The forests of Ashenvale, the foothills of Hillsbrad, the mountains of Alterac, even in other worlds… war has come to the Alliance and the Horde. Although we have made many great strides in taming and defeating the dangers of the Outlands, and much of Old Azeroth..many threats still linger in the shadows…

   Who chooses our fate? How do the people voice their concern and desires? Who decide what matters most to the people and how to appease such matters? It has been many months since a benevolent council has held sway over the politics of the Horde…now is the time to choose who will represent you and your people. In the upcoming weeks a gathering will be hosted where the races of the Horde shall gather and through elected Diplomats they may voice their concerns and bring them before the War Chief.

 These meetings are open delegations where the races may each have a reprehensive to speak on their behalf before a council of peers. These gatherings are where free thought, discussion, and verbal exchanged concerning our shared fates maybe shared.[/i]

Date: To be announced. Nominations for Diplomats are currently open. Details for nominations are listed below.

Time: Evening pm hours most likely around 9pm

Where: ZG noninstance version, at the Snake boss ruins. Warlock summons will be available.  We would like to host this event in Thrall’s chambers – however quest to the high traffic of the area and questing in that area we feel there would be too many distractions. A scribe will be in attendance of the meeting who will take the meeting and its notes back to Thrall himself.

Attire: Formal

Who?: Any and all Horde regardless of guild or race.

Faction: Strictly, and pure Horde. Alliance and enemies of the Horde found in attendance fact IC backlash – if you bring an Alliance character into this event it will be treated as a spy IC and face very harsh / violent reactions. In choosing to bring your Alliance toon to the event, you agree to and understand that your character is in physical danger if discovered. Further more, Alliance spies agree to rp the consequence of their own actions if they attend this event (permadeath will not be used on Alliance if any are discovered).

Diplomats: The ideal diplomat should be the embodiment of their Race.  There will be two diplomats per Horde race – elected from popular nomination and vote. There will be a primary Diplomat who will take the floor, and a secondary supporting Diplomat who will assist the Primary Diplomat stand in the stead of the Primary Diplomat if the Primary is absent.

Diplomat duties:  To collect the top 5 concerns of your people, and present them before a council of your peers.  Diplomats are to collect a wide range of concerns and problems from as many of their peers as possible to allow as my characters a chance to voice their concerns, and ideas. There are many means to conduct such a survey – such as in person communication, or even the mail system. Members of the Horde are encouraged to find and address their Diplomat with their top 5 concerns and ideas for the Horde.

 At the council, each Diplomat will be given a respectable time to address the concerns of their race before an audience of their peers. Afterwards, the audience may engage with the Diplomat who holds the floor to speak in regards to the matters addressed.
Horde members attending: Those members of the Horde attending are welcome to sit and listen and even engage with the diplomats. After a Diplomat has held the floor – the diplomat will then open the floor to five members of the horde (selected by dice rolling for top 5 if there are more then 5 players wanting to speak). Those members of the Horde may freely engage in debate, counter, or even provide and suggest solutions to the problems. There will be a time limit, so players will be asked to not afk and post in a time effective manner so other characters may take their turn.

OOC verses IC: This is an IC rp event. The concerns and views addressed are to be oriented in game and not be ooc concerns or problems. Perhaps at a late date we should host an ooc event – however this event is oriented towards the political, military, and social nature of the IC Horde. Keep your rp strictly ic, and your ooc strictly ooc.
Lore: This event is lore based and oriented. Until the content exists in game please do not make use of it (i.e. Wrath is not yet out and the lore in the upcoming expansion may change at any time. For example – characters may talk about the Scourge threat – but details and information about Death Knight player characters would be limited to nonexistant as the content as the expansion is not yet official or yet published in game. At any point in time Blizzard could change or alter the unpublished lore.)

Diplomats Nominated (nominations open – please submit your nominations):
Blood Elf -
Orc -
Tauren -
Troll -
Undead –

How to nominate a diplomat: IC….ballots have been sent out and arriving in the mail for members of the Horde, to elect a voice for themselves from among their peers. Characters may submit their nominations via mailsystem. OOC – post in the forums your characters mailed in nominations, or submit an in game mail/whisper to Banshih, or Mathadris. Nominations end June 30th, diplomats announced July1st.

 Keep in mind – those nominated are being elected into a political position.  This is not a case of who is the most popular – but someone who is the best suited for the job. Characters with Ic criminal histories, and concepts that would never make sense for such a role (known criminals, known enemies of the Horde, etc would not be an ideal diplomat). What would your character want to represent for their race?

 But then again..what is politics without a few scandals?


Michigan J. Murloc
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